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Papaya Pulp is manufactured from a hand-picked chosen variety of papayas through a series of processes that include washing, peeling, ripening, inspecting and finally extraction of pulp through thermal processing. Papaya Pulp is free from any pathogenic bacteria. Papaya pulp contains nutrients that prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, occurring of heart attacks or strokes as it contains large amounts of Vitamin C and vitamin A. Papaya pulp can be blended into a creamy salad dressing, sauce and in baby foods.

Name of Fruit Papaya Red Papaya
Pulp / Concentrate / Puree Pulp Pulp
Brix (% TSS) at 20° C Min 9′ Min 9′
Color Bright Yellow Red
Specks per 10 grams (Brown) < 10 < 10
Specks per 10 grams (Black) 5 5
pH < 4.2 < 4.2
Taste & Flavor Wholesome and Characteristics of sound matured, ripened Red Papaya
% Acidity (as Citric acid) 0.30 – 0.60 % 0.30 – 0.60 %
Consistency (Bostwick) at 20° C < 14 cms/ 30 sec < 14 cms/ 30 sec
Packing details 210 kg bags in drum such 80 drums in a container/ also supplies as per customer requirements
Shelf Life 24 months when stored at ambient temperature. 24 months when stored in between +4′ to +20’C.
Appearance Homogenous & free flowing, free from any kind of foreign matter.
Usages Bakery & Confectionaries: The pulps are used as fillings in cakes & bread and other bakery foods, also used in icings, tarts, muffins, fruit toffees etc
Beverages: Milkshakes, fruit drinks, nectars, etc.
Dairy: Ice-creams, fruit bars, milkshakes, yogurts, puddings, toppings, desserts, etc.
Baby foods: Cereals, fruit juices & mixed fruit juices
Others foods: Fruit juices, jams, mixed fruit jams, fruit cocktails, squashes, strained fruit drinks, etc.